Life Update


Hello friends,

I know we are a few days into a New Year, but I want to wish everyone a great year. Here is a life update on why have not been actively blogging. A lot happened in 2017 both good and bad which taught me great life lessons. To recap I lost a family member in January (2017) my family and I went through a tough time. You can imagine my grieving process has been painful. But with Gods help, I have been able to hold myself together. I lost two semesters of school (and tuition money) because I was emotionally and mentally drained. I could not focus, and I needed to take care of my well-being. Fall 2017 I return to school determined to complete (I did) the semester I had been dragging on throughout the year. I plan to be more engaging with you this year. I have a lot of good content to share with you. So stay tuned for a great year with a lot of new material!




Hi, today I like for us to reflect on the people who are in your life. We often hear people say think positive, and you’ll attract good things into your life. We can say the same about the people who are in our lives. It’s important to be around people who lift us at all times. Not to mention everything will be perfect, but the group of people you choose to have your life can make a positive impact and make a difference in your life.