Hello friends,

Welcome to Lifestyle with Terry. My decision to start blogging came after viewing many YouTube beauty channels. I enjoy watching You Tubers share their view on beauty, fashion, and everyday life. However, I figured why not start blogging my perspective on beauty, fashion and anything that works for me. I feel that social media plays an enormous role in a young woman’s self-esteem. Many of the videos I have viewed make the person who is in the videos look flawless. While many of these You Tubers are beautiful, the average viewer should consider that videos need to be an edit for enjoyment purposes. Lifestyle with Terry is about appreciating the person we are and where we are at in life. It is a place to share thoughts and daily events. My hope is to help other women love, believe, and appreciate who they are through social media. Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and leave a comment. Chin up and stay positive!

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