Wet n Wild Costmetics Review

Hello my lovely Lifestylers,

Today I am reviewing the Wet n Wild Lip Balm Stain and Lip Liners. I recently purchased these lip products at a Rite Aid store. Wet n Wild is affordable makeup line with a wide variety of colors. Lip Stains are $2.99, and Lip Liners are .99. So far all I have tried are the lip products, but I plan to try other of their makeup products shortly.  Wet n Wild Cosmetics claims the following about their Lip Balm Stain line and Lip Liners:Acai and palm oil provide conditioning and smooth lips.Acai and palm oil provide conditioning and smooth lips.

  • Acai and palm oil provide conditioning and smooth lips.
  • Provides a protective shield to prevent feathering
  • Provides moisture to the lips with a unique cooling tingle
  • Moisture makes lips softer.
  • Winner of all You Beauty Award.

Lip Liners:

  • Rich, creamy lip defining colors
  • Smooth glide prevents color from feathering
  • Makeup artist and celebrity favorite.

I purchased three Lip Stains (Made You Pink, Nudist Colony, and Caffeine Fix) and three Lip Liners (Brandy Wine, Chestnut, and Fab Fuchsia). I love the Lip Balm Stain line it does provide moisture, and it is easy to apply. My lips instantly felt soft and smooth. Out of the three colors, I purchased my favorite is Made You Pink followed by Caffeine Fix. Pigmentation to the Lip Stains are the best but enough to provide a glimpse of color to your lips. I was unhappy with Nudist Colony it has little to non-pigment. They did not smear outside the lips. The Lip Liners have good pigmentation and do not feather outside the lips.

My favorite way to wear the Lip Stains is by first applying lip liner, and I do fill in my lips. I combine Fab Fuchsia with Made You Pink it turns into a beautiful bright summer pink. The beauty of the Lip Stains is you can have a soft color, or you can also intensify it. Nudist Colony looks great only when combined with a lip liner like Chestnut or Brandy Wine and the same goes for Caffeine Fix.

Would I purchase these products again? Yes, but not all. I would purchase Nudist Colony again because of the poor pigmentation. I will repurchase Made You Pink and Caffeine Fix. The Lip Liners I will also repurchase they inexpensive and can be worn alone or with other lip products. I recommend these products. Let me know if you do or have tried the Lip Balm Stains or Lip Liners. Till next time!

Left picture without lip line. Right picture combo lip liner and lip balm stain.

Left picture without lip liner. Right picture combo lip liner and lip balm stain.

Caffeine Fix Collage

Left picture without lip liner. Right picture combo lip liner and lip balm stain.

Made You Pink Collage

Left picture without lip liner. Right picture combo lip liner and lip balm stain.

Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Hello Lifestylers,

With all the terrible things occurring throughout the world and in our country (United States) I want to bring you a bit of joy. Here’s the Summer Walmart Beauty Box its couple of weeks late, but better late than never. If you would like more details on the Walmart Beauty Box, I will link the previous blog below or feel free comment below, and I provide you with more information.

I must say Walmart was quite generous this time around a total of five products came in the summer box. It includes a Pure Silk shaving in a raspberry mist (2.25 oz.). The new Caress fine fragrance body wash in Mystique Flower scent (1.8 Fl oz). Also, a sample of Aveeno skin relief gentle scent lotion in 1 Fl Oz and St. Ives Apricot facial scrub in 1 Fl. Oz. Last but not least a sample of Jergens Natural Glow in fair to medium with vitamins and antioxidants (2 Fl oz).

I am quite pleased with this Walmart Summer Beauty Box. I truly like and look forward to trying these products. My favorite product is the Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer it’s the second one I get in the beauty box. Each sample has a generous amount of product in it. What I like about this particular beauty box is that it is inexpensive, and each sample comes with a generous about. I am enjoying trying new products out in hopes that I will like them. Well, Lifestylers I hope you like this post and let me know if you have tried any of these products. Till next Lifestylers!

Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Walmart Summer Beauty Box.

Walmart Summer Beauty Box.

Walmart Spring 2016 Beauty Box


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Tony and Guy Dry Shampoo Review

Hello Lifestylers,

I’m excited to share with you today’s product review. Tony and Guy Matte Dry Shampoo is my latest favorite product. You might be wondering why I am so excited. Well if you’ve read my previous review on the Paul Mitchell Shampoo you know I have oily hair, and it can be difficult to find the right products to suit my needs. I wash my hair every other day, and although my hair typically doesn’t look or feel oily on the second day of not washing it. I can now get away with washing it after the third day. I like to have a fresh and clean feel after not washing my hair a couple of days. I was skeptical but decided to make the purchase. Before buying it, I read online reviews and most were good which encouraged me to buy the dry shampoo.

I can honestly tell you I LOVE this product. It has a nice clean scent and makes my hair feel clean. I have fairly long hair and think hair and doesn’t weigh down my hair. I have been using it for about a month with great results. The only downside about this product is that some may feel it’s a bit pricey but in my opinion, it is worth every penny, I shop through ebates to get money back every time I shop online. If you are not familiar with the ebates program and would like for me to write a post explaining it let me know. Please, let me know if you have tried this product or which one you like? Until next time Lifestylers!





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First YouTube Video

Hello, Lifestylers!!

Welcome back to my blog. I like to inform that I uploaded my first favorite products video on youtube. I plan to record monthly favorite product videos. I think a it’s fun way to share the products I like and the ones I can do without. I invite you to take a look at my short video. Please comment let me know which products you like or if you have tried any of them. I will be back with another post soon. Till next time Lifestylers!


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Jergens Wet Skin Lotion Review

Hey Lifestylers,

My previous Wal-Mart Spring beauty box had quite a selection of products to try. If you haven’t yet read it, please do so now by clicking here. How many of you are familiar with Jergens products? Perhaps you have seen advertisements on Jergens product line. The Spring beauty box had a sample of a Jergens Wet Skin Lotion Monoi Oil. You might be asking yourself what the heck is this? Well Lifestylers, Jergens Wet Skin is a body lotion you apply on before you towel dry.  It does have a slight scent which does not last long.  It also does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. This lotion locks moisture and leaves the skin feeling smooth. What I like most about this product is it saves me time and it is inexpensive. I will be purchasing this lotion and highly recommend it. Let me know if you have tried this product before. Till next time Lifestylers.

2 Fl. Oz Sample from my the Wal-Mart Spring box

2 Fl. Oz Sample from my the Wal-Mart Spring box

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