Where Have I Been

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Happy New Year! Yes, I know we are eleven days into the new year and where have I been? I had planned to blog daily for the month of December, but I was not able too. I decided to focus instead on future goals which I will write about soon. I spent time focusing on myself and reflected on everything that happened to me in 2016. I’m back on track and will frequently be posting new content. Subscribe for future notification of new posts. Follow me on IG for daily updates @lifestylewithterry

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for her

Hello Lifestylers,

Stuffing Christmas stockings is a fun holiday tradition but can be somewhat complicated. What’s the purpose of stuffing a stocking? In my opinion, it is a fun way to brighten someone’s life during the holiday season. If you are like me, I run out of ideas and sometimes struggle to select fun gifts for my friends and family will enjoy. So here are a few ideas I have used in past years.
Idea one: Fluffy stocks
Fuzzy socks can be purchased almost anywhere, and most women enjoy wearing them. A couple of the stores I shop for fuzzy socks are New York and Company and Bath and Body Works. Along with fuzzy socks, you can incorporate a hydrating foot lotion for rough, tired feet.
Idea two: A scarf gift set
Some scarf gift sets include gloves and a beanie. This gift idea is ideal for cold winter days. New York and Company has a wide selection of gifts sets online and in store.
Idea three: Facial Sheet Masks
Regardless of the type of skin, you have it is important to hydrate your face during cold winter days and throughout the year. A good store to purchase facial masks is Ulta. They are inexpensive and make a great stocking stuffer gift.
Idea Four: Travel size hand lotion, body spray, hand sanitizer
These items are perfect for women who are enjoying hydrating their hands throughout the day. Bath and Body Works has a great selection of travel size items ideal for the woman on the go. The only downside to this gift is not knowing which scent the person prefers other than that they make a great gift.

I hope this list of ideas makes her shopping less stressful. After all, the important thing is the act giving this holiday season. Don’t forget to comment and like my post. Let me know what type of gift you use to stuff your stockings.


Not a Sponsered post

Big Announcement

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I’ve been MIA the last few months, and I sincerely apologize for it. For those of you who do not know, I’m a graduate student and have been swamped with academic work these past few months. I like to announce I will be participating in Blogmas!  This is my first year doing this, and I’m genuinely excited. I like to challenge a couple of bloggers to join me in this experience. Let’s make this Blogmas an unforgettable experience. State for tomorrow’s blog and if sign up to notified of new blogs. By the way keep up-to-date with me on Instagram @Lifestlyewithterry find the link on the right bar of my site. Keep Styling!


Fifteen Years Later

Do you remember where you were fifteen years on September 11, 2001, at 8:46 A.M? It is hard to believe 15 years have passed since the terrorist attack. I like to take a moment to reflect on those who are no longer with us. Gratitude is something I try to practice at least once a day. I believe in giving thanks for the things we have necessary to help us appreciate those around us (excluding materialistic things).

A few ways you can keep track of the things you are grateful for is by the following. First, the most popular way is with a journal (Gratitude Journal). I like to use a journal with positive quotes on them. Target carries beautiful, inexpensive notebooks you can use as journals. Another way I find helps me remain grateful is through using sticky notes. I particularly use virtue sticky notes on my computer. Not to mention you can post them in your home office. If you have an organizer, you can write daily gratitude notes to remind yourself of positive moments in your life.

I realize the more grateful I am, the more I enjoy life. We live in a fast-paced world, but I recommend you to take a few minutes and the end of the day to write down what you are grateful for. The more you appreciate life, the happier you will feel. Lifestylers, do something nice for someone today in honor of the 9/11 victims. I like to end by letting you know I am grateful for the new people I have met through my blogging journey.


Beauty Time

In a previous post “I am Still a Woman”, I stated that our inner beauty is important. However, I also believe in getting pampered and feeling pretty for yourself and not for others. We are all aware that people judge a book by its cover, and I know this by experience. Let’s face it, when people see us (wheelchair user), the first thing they notice is our wheelchair. If they are mature enough to see beyond the wheelchair, then perhaps our beauty will be notice. Just because I cannot walk does not mean I cannot feel pretty.

As a teenager, I had a personal hairdresser come to my apartment once a month. Having my hairdresser come to my home, was an excellent idea. It made things easier for the three of us (my caregiver, my hairdresser, and myself). I did not have to struggle to get out of my wheelchair to get my hair wash. After, a couple of years my hairdresser moved away. I had my share of inpatient hairdressers. Nonetheless, some excellent workers do not mind accommodating their clients. I currently have a great person who does my hair, and she is very patient. If you are some who requires accommodations communication is essential. As a consumer, you may be necessary to bring specialized equipment you may use at home to wash your hair. My wheelchair tilts which is helpful when I get my brows done.

Don’t be discourage if you cannot find a salon where you feel comfortable. It is a work in the process do not settle for less. Sooner or later you will come across caring professional people. What I want you to know is that we can and are beautiful women no matter what. Do not allow your disability to get in the way of maintaining your hair, your face, and body. Go out there and get pampered! It is time focus on yourself!