At some point in life everyone experience a sense of uncertainty, sadness, anxiety, and so on. Although we may experience some of these symptoms we delay in getting treatment for our emotional well-being. On the other hand when we experience unusual physical symptoms like chest pain, a rash,  or a prolonged fever our initial thought is to visit a medical doctor as soon as possible. Early prevention can help save many lives from terminal illnesses.  Just like early medical prevention is important so is early mental health prevention. Prevention is the key to help save lives whether medical or emotional.

It is important for us to pay close attention to symptoms that may be interfering with our daily function. You may be wondering what I mean by daily function it can be anything from lack of motivation, sleep pattern change, appetite change, isolation, and or tearfulness among many other symptoms. Most of the time people hesitate to seek mental health services because society has implied that it is shameful to do so. Another reason why most of us may hesitate to seek professional help is because people will perceive of us to be crazy. Mental health care continues to be a controversial subject in many cultures.  

 I like to focus on depression that is a common diagnosis among many people regardless of socio economic status, religion, ethnicity, gender, and educational background.  We can experience depression due to the loss of a love one (romantic or not), change in environment (work, home, or school), low self-esteem, interpersonal partner violence, gender identify, among many more reasons.  Unfortunately many people use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism instead of seeking professional help.  There are several ways to decrease depressive symptoms. Exercising on a daily basis along with healthy eating can help us feel better. It is also important to have a support system which can be made up of family and close friends. The best treatment is therapy but in severe cases, the use of medication may be required.

Feelings of sadness and loneliness can lead someone to feel suicidal which, is when meditation comes into play.  Some common phrases people use to describe feelings or thoughts of suicide are “I do not want to live anymore”.  “I would like to sleep and never wake up”.  “No one is going to miss me”.  If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time talk to someone, you trust also seek professional help.  Do not be embarrassed or feel shameful to ask for help keep it in mind that you are not alone. There people who care about your well-being.

Helpful resources:  National Suicide Hotline


  1. Hey Terry
    Thanks for your advice. I’m trying to keep myself as busy as possible these days, especially since I’m going on vacation next week.I’ve had extensive discussions with my therapist on these issues and I’m working through it the best I can. As far as increasing my dosage on Zoloft, I have tried it in the past and have found that if increase the dosage I feel tired and sluggish all day, and can’t think or focus during the day. I don’t have as big a support system as I used too so I don’t really talk to people about my depression. Is there anything else I can do?

    • Hey Kim,
      I like to add a disclaimer. I’m not giving you professional suggestions. I would ask your prescriber if there is any other antidepressant you can take. Speaking for myself Wellbutrin has worked for me. I don’t feel tired throughout the day which, is good because I like to be able to function. Ask your prescriber what other options are available for you. Don’t feel you need to stay on a certain medication because the prescriber tells you so. Advocate for yourself. Let me know if you need anything. Have a safe and fun vacation!

  2. Terry,
    Your blog on depression really hit home for me. I’ve been suffering from depression since June 2010, after being in a car accident where i was almost killed. During my recovery, initially I became angry because the doctors took away a lot of physical activities that i was involved in before my accident. I was prescribed Zoloft and participated in psychological counseling which I’m still doing to this day. Even today I still have trouble dealing with my depression. I recently became depressed when I found out that my mom is moving away out of state. Even though I’m on medication and seeing a therapist once a week, I’m still struggling emotionally and mentally with my mom moving away. Is there anything that you can suggest that might help me?

    • Hey Kim, I’m sorry to hear about everything you are going through. Depression is difficult to deal with but not impossible. I know exactly how feel since I also suffer from depression. I have my good and bad days. I can honestly say keep yourself busy. I understand it’s easier said than done. Take baby step and have a support system it really helps. I highly recommend you talk to your prescriber and therapist about how you feel. Perhaps the dosage needs to be increased to help stabilize your situation. Keep me posted.

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