Big Announcement

Hello Lifestylers,

I’ve been MIA the last few months, and I sincerely apologize for it. For those of you who do not know, I’m a graduate student and have been swamped with academic work these past few months. I like to announce I will be participating in Blogmas!  This is my first year doing this, and I’m genuinely excited. I like to challenge a couple of bloggers to join me in this experience. Let’s make this Blogmas an unforgettable experience. State for tomorrow’s blog and if sign up to notified of new blogs. By the way keep up-to-date with me on Instagram @Lifestlyewithterry find the link on the right bar of my site. Keep Styling!


Beauty Time

In a previous post “I am Still a Woman”, I stated that our inner beauty is important. However, I also believe in getting pampered and feeling pretty for yourself and not for others. We are all aware that people judge a book by its cover, and I know this by experience. Let’s face it, when people see us (wheelchair user), the first thing they notice is our wheelchair. If they are mature enough to see beyond the wheelchair, then perhaps our beauty will be notice. Just because I cannot walk does not mean I cannot feel pretty.

As a teenager, I had a personal hairdresser come to my apartment once a month. Having my hairdresser come to my home, was an excellent idea. It made things easier for the three of us (my caregiver, my hairdresser, and myself). I did not have to struggle to get out of my wheelchair to get my hair wash. After, a couple of years my hairdresser moved away. I had my share of inpatient hairdressers. Nonetheless, some excellent workers do not mind accommodating their clients. I currently have a great person who does my hair, and she is very patient. If you are some who requires accommodations communication is essential. As a consumer, you may be necessary to bring specialized equipment you may use at home to wash your hair. My wheelchair tilts which is helpful when I get my brows done.

Don’t be discourage if you cannot find a salon where you feel comfortable. It is a work in the process do not settle for less. Sooner or later you will come across caring professional people. What I want you to know is that we can and are beautiful women no matter what. Do not allow your disability to get in the way of maintaining your hair, your face, and body. Go out there and get pampered! It is time focus on yourself!

I’m Still a Woman

Hi Lifestylers,

Living with a physical disability can be difficult for many people. Disabled women often struggle with self-esteem. However, as a lady who was born with a neuromuscular disease (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and who is wheelchair bound my condition has not defined who I am. I do not feel less than of a woman because of my situation. Although society has implied over and over that outer beauty is important, it is not what makes a woman. Any type of physical disability can lower a person’s self-esteem regardless of their gender.

In my situation, I have experienced positive relationships with the opposite sex (able body), and I choose to only to date only able body men. There is no doubt that people observe my black electric wheelchair before they notice me. However, I completely understand that my wheelchair is a part of my life, and I cannot nor would I change it. Don’t get me wrong I did struggle with my self-esteem in the past (as a teenager), but I was surrounded by great people who helped me realize what is truly important. As a grown woman, I understand inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

I like to share with you have few techniques that help me stay optimistic regardless of my everyday struggles. I believe in a higher power who helps me when I am having a bad day (because I do have those). Reading self- help books is something I enjoy and also is helpful. My most recent audiobook I like is The Year of Yes by Shondra Rhimes. I highly recommend this book it is truly divine and motivational.

Authenticity is important to me I cannot pretend to be someone I am not. I have many limitations, but I do not allow them to get in the way of the things I can do.  I try to consider new opportunities, which is why I started blogging. I want to share my life and experiences and struggles with you in the hope of educating the public. Life has countless of gifts in store for us, but we need to take risks to find them. Risks taking helps us learn about ourselves and our abilities. Sometimes we tend to give up without even trying.

Being a wheelchair user, I have learned that I am capable of doing almost anything. Don’t get me wrong it is not easy, and most of the time I do things differently, but I get them done.  Every time I accomplish a new task, it helps to raise my self-esteem. It motivates me to do and try more things. I’ve been discouraged many times, but I get back up and continue to live life. Never give up regardless of the situation as long as you have life you have hope. Till next I hope you found this post helpful.





The Cruel Reality of Body Image

A few days ago I read a post on Facebook that caught my attention. Body image affects both men and women. Billboards, magazines, television, and now social media are sending negative body image messages that affect many people both young and old. Most of the people featured are of tall, with colored eyes, light skin, light hair, and most important a size 0 woman. If images like these affect able-bodied people can you imagine what it does to those of us who on the outside look different. I am not only referring to physical disabilities, but also to people who have weight issues, height, and any other features that may be abnormal to the average person

As a teenager I struggled with self-esteem. I never told anyone about it I was not embarrassed but it was something private that I do not want to share. I seldom talked about my feelings and the things that made me feel insecure. I was fortunate to grow up with people who accepted me for who I am and never make me feel insecure. My friends always included me in all activity and also invited me to social gatherings. Although I was accepted by them my sel-esteem insecurities were still taunting me. After graduating from high school and went into deep depression and pretty much isolated myself from the world. One day I realized I wanted to do something with my life. I have never used my physical disability as an excuse for not doing things. I decided to enroll in college. Attending college helped me to explore and learn more about myself. I slowly learned to love and accept who I am. I am going into more details about my experience with higher education that will be on a different blog.

Now fast-forward to today. I can honestly tell you I feel much better about myself both inside and out. Do not get me wrong I sometimes wish I could lose a few pounds, but then again many of us at one point or another wish for the same thing . I think it is normal to feel this way because life is not perfect it is a learning process. Education has helped me to love who I am and what I am worth. I may not be able to physically do things like everyone else, but the one thing I have that many take for granted is the will power to strive for a better future. I am not a perfect person and I have many flaws. However, my family in essence the younger generation gives me the fuel to get up every morning and try to be the best person you can. I put myself through school and what I mean by this is I had no one in guiding me and somehow I have been able to accomplish my goals.

If you are reading my blog and you are struggling with self-esteem I highly suggest you focus on your abilities. Perhaps you are artistic or have any other talents. Stop focusing on how you look on the outside. Another thing that has helped me is positive thinking and self-help books. If you are interested in knowing more about this feel free to massage me. I can also share with you books that have helped me. Believe me there is no such thing as a perfect person. Value who you are, you were put on this earth for a purpose. I believe in a higher power who to me is God. I was born the way I am because I truly believe there is a purpose for me in this world just like there is a purpose for you. I do not want to write about religion, because it is a controversial subject and I only want positive comments on my blogs.

About Terry

Terry 2014

I’m a Latina, who lives in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, Ca. First and foremost I like to share with you that I was born with a physical condition known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). It permanently weakens the muscles. Due to the status, I have been wheelchair bound my whole life. An important factor is that this doesn’t mean I’m paralyzed ( I have full body sensation). I believe everyone encounters obstacles in different forms. Unfortunately, my obstacles are mainly accessibility (not everyplace is wheelchair friendly).  I have never led my physical condition to get in the way of my goals.

I have a background in psychology and currently working toward my PsyD degree. I live a normal life with the exception that I am sitting down all day, and someone helps me throughout the day. I have been fortunate enough to have people in my life who are nonjudgmental and accept me just the way I am. Like most young girls, growing up I was fascinated and still am with makeup and fashion. As a teenager, I remember watching makeup commercials my favorite ones being from Cover Girl. I dreamt of being a “Cover Girl” someday. Well, that never happened but it shows how powerful the media is, and the effect it has on young women. Blogging has become a part of my life because I am able to raise awareness on issues that are important to me. Also to inform the public that women who have physical conditions also like makeup and fashion. Please follow and leave a comment. I look forward to establishing new friendships with people who share similar interest. Till next Lifestylers!