Don’t Allow Fear To Control Your Life

How often do we make excuses to delay starting something new in our lives? Creating excuses often results in missing out on new opportunities because fear takes over us. The fear of making a fool out of ourselves or better yet fear to FAIL. Failure is simply not succeeding at something you tried to achieve. Many of us have failed at something at one point in our lives, but it did not stop us from trying over and over until we reached our desired goal. It’s okay to feel scared and nervous before starting something new, but it is not good to allow these feelings to prevent us from achieving our goals. Life has so much to offer, and we sometimes are afraid to go after new opportunities because we allow fear take over us.

I have failed many times throughout my life and yes I may have at times felt upset, but it is typical to experience frustration. No one likes the feeling of failure, but the worst thing we can do is give up. I know I do not want to spend my life thinking what if I would have tried one more time. Living our lives with what ifs is not beneficial to our well-being. As we let go of fear we start to feel confident in ourselves. We also begin to grow emotionally and mentally. In the process, we start to enjoy life, and we notice new opportunities come into our lives.

Fear should not control our decision to grow emotionally, mentally, or professionally. We need to be comfortable with trying more than once if the first time we don’t succeed at something. Grab the bull by its horns and follow your heart. Keep in mind Rome was not built in one day. Everything takes time but when you least expect you will reach your goals. I hope this blog inspires you not to allow fear to control your life and interfere with your goals. If you enjoy reading this post, make sure you share and please comment. Thank you, for your continued support.


Five Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Hi Lifestylers,

Setting goals can be difficult for some people, but it does not need to be this way. There are benefits to settings goals like they help prioritize what needs to get done promptly. They also help to motivate you to make positive changes. I for one enjoy setting goals it helps me to stay focus on things that need to get done. It is also helpful when you need to juggle several things at once. For instance work, school, and everyday life. The following are steps you can use to help guide you in the process of setting and completing goals.

Step 1: Create a picture of the goal you want to achieve. Also, a time frame of when you want to achieve the goal (s).

Step 2: Purchase an organizer that suits your style. Try to get one that has plenty of space for you to write. If you do not like the idea of an organizer, you can use a notebook.

Step 3: I recommend you buy different color pens and highlighters. This can help distinguish which is for what category (school, work, etc.).

Step 4: You can now start writing your goals. Make sure you start with one if you are not used to setting goals.

Step 5: Finally, check the progress of your goal (s). If you delay or fall off track, don’t beat yourself up. Make it fun and enjoy every minute of it.

Lifestylers, I hope this steps help and motivate you to achieve your dreams! Let me what you do reach your goals. Comment below!