Count Down to Christmas

Hello, Lifestylers!

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun! I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. Although I don’t enjoy the cold weather, there is something about Christmas that brings joy to my life. I like to focus today’s blog on Christmas cards. You may be wondering Christmas cards, Terry? Lifestylers we live in a fast-paced world where technology has taken over our lives. I’ll be honest I am guilty I’m using technology on a daily basis. However, I feel this time of year is about connecting with people we rarely spend time with throughout the year.

I take the time to send Christmas cards the old fashion way every year. This is something I enjoyed doing year after year it never gets old. It Is not only an inexpensive activity, but it brings joy to the person or family receiving the card. You can purchase Christmas cards at your local drugstore, Target, and Walmart.  I like to decorate the cards with Christmas stickers to give it an extra touch.  This year I spent less than eight dollars and that quite a bargain. I will start sending cards this week. Let me know if you enjoyed sending Christmas cards.  I will be back tomorrow with a new post.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and share with your friends.

Card was under $5.00 at Stickers under $3.00 at

Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Hello Lifestylers,

With all the terrible things occurring throughout the world and in our country (United States) I want to bring you a bit of joy. Here’s the Summer Walmart Beauty Box its couple of weeks late, but better late than never. If you would like more details on the Walmart Beauty Box, I will link the previous blog below or feel free comment below, and I provide you with more information.

I must say Walmart was quite generous this time around a total of five products came in the summer box. It includes a Pure Silk shaving in a raspberry mist (2.25 oz.). The new Caress fine fragrance body wash in Mystique Flower scent (1.8 Fl oz). Also, a sample of Aveeno skin relief gentle scent lotion in 1 Fl Oz and St. Ives Apricot facial scrub in 1 Fl. Oz. Last but not least a sample of Jergens Natural Glow in fair to medium with vitamins and antioxidants (2 Fl oz).

I am quite pleased with this Walmart Summer Beauty Box. I truly like and look forward to trying these products. My favorite product is the Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer it’s the second one I get in the beauty box. Each sample has a generous amount of product in it. What I like about this particular beauty box is that it is inexpensive, and each sample comes with a generous about. I am enjoying trying new products out in hopes that I will like them. Well, Lifestylers I hope you like this post and let me know if you have tried any of these products. Till next Lifestylers!

Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Walmart Summer Beauty Box

Walmart Summer Beauty Box.

Walmart Summer Beauty Box.

Walmart Spring 2016 Beauty Box


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New Year….New Planner

Happy 2016 Lifestylers! Hopefully you had a great holiday season. Today I like to introduce to you my new planner. I purchased the Day-Timer Pink Ribbon Microfibre Desk Planner. This beautiful black, pink, and white planner was purchased at Walmart. I fell in love with the colors and texture of it.planner1b
The planner comes with a sticky note pocket and sticky notes included. An additional pocket is provided to store minimum size documents.

Like many other planners there’s an emergency contact page. Perhaps one down side is the planner is undated so if you find it hard to insert the dates this planner is not for you.

Each month comes with one page title diary, which I am using as a budget page. Also, each day (section) has the time written on it. This may be something you may not like.

Other additions to the planner is a plastic business card holder (I added an extra one), and a plastic pocket, which I also added an extra one for more storage.

Lastly, a telephone number section with plenty of room is included. Not to mention a notebook to jot down thoughts or reminders. Overall, I like this little planner and I will make great use of it! I can not wait to decorate each week and month. Until next time!


Monthly Calendar


Weekly Calendar