The Cruel Reality of Body Image

A few days ago I read a post on Facebook that caught my attention. Body image affects both men and women. Billboards, magazines, television, and now social media are sending negative body image messages that affect many people both young and old. Most of the people featured are of tall, with colored eyes, light skin, light hair, and most important a size 0 woman. If images like these affect able-bodied people can you imagine what it does to those of us who on the outside look different. I am not only referring to physical disabilities, but also to people who have weight issues, height, and any other features that may be abnormal to the average person

As a teenager I struggled with self-esteem. I never told anyone about it I was not embarrassed but it was something private that I do not want to share. I seldom talked about my feelings and the things that made me feel insecure. I was fortunate to grow up with people who accepted me for who I am and never make me feel insecure. My friends always included me in all activity and also invited me to social gatherings. Although I was accepted by them my sel-esteem insecurities were still taunting me. After graduating from high school and went into deep depression and pretty much isolated myself from the world. One day I realized I wanted to do something with my life. I have never used my physical disability as an excuse for not doing things. I decided to enroll in college. Attending college helped me to explore and learn more about myself. I slowly learned to love and accept who I am. I am going into more details about my experience with higher education that will be on a different blog.

Now fast-forward to today. I can honestly tell you I feel much better about myself both inside and out. Do not get me wrong I sometimes wish I could lose a few pounds, but then again many of us at one point or another wish for the same thing . I think it is normal to feel this way because life is not perfect it is a learning process. Education has helped me to love who I am and what I am worth. I may not be able to physically do things like everyone else, but the one thing I have that many take for granted is the will power to strive for a better future. I am not a perfect person and I have many flaws. However, my family in essence the younger generation gives me the fuel to get up every morning and try to be the best person you can. I put myself through school and what I mean by this is I had no one in guiding me and somehow I have been able to accomplish my goals.

If you are reading my blog and you are struggling with self-esteem I highly suggest you focus on your abilities. Perhaps you are artistic or have any other talents. Stop focusing on how you look on the outside. Another thing that has helped me is positive thinking and self-help books. If you are interested in knowing more about this feel free to massage me. I can also share with you books that have helped me. Believe me there is no such thing as a perfect person. Value who you are, you were put on this earth for a purpose. I believe in a higher power who to me is God. I was born the way I am because I truly believe there is a purpose for me in this world just like there is a purpose for you. I do not want to write about religion, because it is a controversial subject and I only want positive comments on my blogs.


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