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Terry 2014

I’m a Latina, who lives in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, Ca. First and foremost I like to share with you that I was born with a physical condition known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). It permanently weakens the muscles. Due to the status, I have been wheelchair bound my whole life. An important factor is that this doesn’t mean I’m paralyzed ( I have full body sensation). I believe everyone encounters obstacles in different forms. Unfortunately, my obstacles are mainly accessibility (not everyplace is wheelchair friendly).  I have never led my physical condition to get in the way of my goals.

I have a background in psychology and currently working toward my PsyD degree. I live a normal life with the exception that I am sitting down all day, and someone helps me throughout the day. I have been fortunate enough to have people in my life who are nonjudgmental and accept me just the way I am. Like most young girls, growing up I was fascinated and still am with makeup and fashion. As a teenager, I remember watching makeup commercials my favorite ones being from Cover Girl. I dreamt of being a “Cover Girl” someday. Well, that never happened but it shows how powerful the media is, and the effect it has on young women. Blogging has become a part of my life because I am able to raise awareness on issues that are important to me. Also to inform the public that women who have physical conditions also like makeup and fashion. Please follow and leave a comment. I look forward to establishing new friendships with people who share similar interest. Till next Lifestylers!


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